Cat Parasites

Cat Parasites are a threat for your pets and could affect you too. Treatment needs to be Regular and all year round. From a Flea egg hatching to becoming a mature egg laying adult, is only 14 days!  So forget treatment for a month and you can have a real problem in your house.

Flea eggs can be laying around for many months and suddenly hatch wintertime as alot of Irish homes switch on the heating from October onwards. So best be safe.

We can divide them into internal cat parasites (typically tapeworms and roundworms) and external cat parasites (typically fleas, ticks, mites, lice etc). All dogs, not just pups, can be affected by parasites in some stage of their life, so we must keep treating our pets regularly to prevent an infestation, or stop it in its tracks. This is particularly true with animals going outdoors or frequently in contact with other animals.

Some of these parasites love to hitch a ride on us humans, but adult humans are usually not affected too much by them. Children however are very different and many parasites, particularly worms not only love children, but can do alot of damage. So even if your cat never leaves the house, you can bring various parasites to them on your clothes or shoes.

Its very important you get Cat Parasite and Worming treatments from a Vet Clinic like Paw Paws, as many of the pet shop or supermarket brands only kill some parasites, or may kill none, as many pet owners find out the hard way. So don’t waste your money on cheap alternatives as you might as well tear up fivers!

Routine, easy to use, treatment is available in our clinic for all type of parasites in tablet, liquid and spot-on form. Typical cost about €12 per month or only €2.50 per week to cover everything, so less than the cost of a pint per week!

Contact us today and we will give you all the guidelines you need to keep your pet healthy and parasite.