Pet Passport

All pets need a Pet Passport to travel abroad. Its very like getting your own Passport but we handle all the paperwork involved.

Your pet will need a Pet Passport, Microchip, up to date Rabies Vaccination, annual boosters vaccinations and have a parasite treatment done before travelling. The Rabies vaccination has to be given at least 21 days before travelling.

Within 24-120 hours before pet’s travel date, your pet must have a Travel Health Check, a special worming medication and have the Pet Passport stamped/signed by a Vet.

Non-EU countries have different regulations, so check with their Agriculture Department or Agency well in advance. Depending on regulations in different countries, you may need a Rabies Certificate which involves a blood test. These blood tests may take weeks or even months for results. We always advise if you think you will be travelling out of the EU come to us as early as possible to discuss arrangements, requirements and plan any tests needed.

Ireland has restrictions on animals coming from various countries. Currently to re-enter Ireland from high risk countries, your pet has to have a successful blood test at least 30 days post Rabies vaccination and at least 3 months before re-entry.

Let us know when and where you are travelling to so we can make sure about restrictions in the country you are going to. Contact us at least 4-6 weeks before travelling inside the EU and at least 4-6 months for countries outside the EU.

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