Surgery is undertaken for elective purposes (such as neutering) and to diagnose or treat a condition. Diagnostic surgery is called “exploratory” surgery. It is usually also the best form of treatment for any tumour and it is the fastest way to repair most injuries.

A positive post-surgical environment is vital for your pet. They probably get better faster in their own home, so as soon as it is safe to do so, we will arrange for your pet to return to its human family. Licking wounds is a natural behaviour and from your pet’s perspective, a surgical incision is simply a wound. We usually give you an “Elizabethan collar” that prevents your pet from licking the surgical site. Your pet may initially object to this restriction but removing it can lead to excess licking and the need for further minor surgery to replace the stitches that were licked out.

Good nutrition is vital during recovery from any illness. Today pet food manufacturers have created ranges of therapeutic diets for a variety of conditions. We will advise you on the best nutrition diet for your pet during recovery.