Rabbit Vaccination

Rabbit Vaccination is needed annually to protect them against myxomatosis and rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease virus type 1 and 2.

The vaccination should be administered from 7 weeks of age along with an annual booster to maintain immunity.

Myxomatosis is a virus, which is spread through fleas or mites. It is widespread in wild rabbits. Signs of the disease include swelling around the face, eyes and ears. Rabbits may stop eating and drinking.  Unfortunately the disease is usually fatal and there is no treatment available at the moment. Regular vaccinations are therefore essential for both indoor and outdoor pet rabbits. Vaccination doesn’t always prevent against disease but vaccinated rabbits tend to experience milder disease and can recover well with early treatment.

Rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease (RVHD) type 1 and 2 is also common in wild rabbits. It is also very contagious and spreads directly from rabbit to rabbit or can be transmitted by insects. Both types are usually fatal making annual vaccination essential.

Preventing disease in rabbits:

  • Regular booster vaccinations
  • Regular treatment for fleas
  • Regularly cleaning your rabbits hutch
  • Prevent contact with wild rabbits