Kitten Vaccinations

We have a special offer at Paw Paws Vet Clinic for your new Kitten. Get all their Initial Kitten Vaccinations (thats 2 sets of vaccinations) for just €89.

Your kitten usually needs 2 sets of Initial Kitten Vaccinations once they are 8 weeks or older and again 4 weeks later.

If you’re unsure what they need then book a FREE Kitten Check. We’ll check what it needs and you can ask any questions about pet care. If you’re OK with any recommendations, we can either do them at that visit, or maybe a different day if their Kitten Vaccinations need to be delayed.

Its a great idea to microchip your kitten as cat’s tend to wander. Its a simple way to ensure if they go missing, they can be identified and returned faster. Get it done same day as Kitten vaccinations for an extra €30, (normally €35) saving even more!

If you want this offer you can buy Kitten Vaccination Voucher in our shop and then Book an Appointment. Or pay in the Clinic at your appointment.