Neutering is a routine surgery removing testicles in males or ovaries and uterus in females. Reasons for neutering include population control, reducing aggression, territory marking and wandering. It can help prevent some types of cancers such as mammary cancers, uterine infections and prostatic disease.

Thinking of neutering your pet? Still unsure? Then come in and have a chat about it. We use the safest anaesthetics and procedures available. Your pet deserves the best and that’s what we strive for.

What type of pets do we neuter? We neuter male and female cats, dogs and rabbits.

When should we get them neutered? It varies for different species, can also depend on their current weight and their breed adult size. Its best to discuss this with us early in their first 3-4 months.

Cost of Neutering depends on species, male or female and pet’s weight. Cost varies very little between Clinics (only €10-€20 in most cases) so it’s probably best to decide based on how surgery will be carried out plus what options are offered to ensure best of care and recovery for your pet.

Next Step

Have a chat with our team about the whole process. We will need to do a Pre Surgery Check on your pet before booking the surgery. This is to ensure they are the right weight (not under or over weight), heart and lungs are OK, any meds they may be on and answer any final questions you have about the process. Click Pre Surgery Check to book an appointment, or give us a call on (021)2067700.

Some cats can be difficult to get into their carriers, some can be difficult to keep in at night to ensure fasting. Some find travelling very stressful. We can facilitate them being dropped off with us the evening before their surgery and staying with us. This can make it less stressful for both of you.

On the Day

Neutering is done as a day surgery done under general anaesthetic. Your pet will be fasting from evening before surgery, then you will be checking your pet in early morning and collecting them to go home in the late afternoon of same day. There’s no need to take the day off work.


You will be back to see us 3 and 10 days afterwards for a Post Surgery Check to see alls well. There are usually no stitches to remove*, so less stress for you or your pet. These aftercare services are Free, so bear that in mind when making your choice!

*Non dissolvable stitches may be required in some rare cases.