Neutering is a routine surgery removing testicles in males or ovaries (and often the uterus) in females. Reasons for neutering include population control, reducing aggression, territory marking and wandering. It prevents mammary cancers, uterus infections and prostatic hyperplasia.

Thinking of neutering your pet? Still unsure? Then come in and have a chat about it. Our Vet Surgeons have 1,000s of Neutering Castration & Spaying operations under their belts, using the most advanced practices. Your pet deserves the best and that’s what we strive for.

When should we get them neutered? Age varies for different pet species and can also depend on their current weight and breed adult size. Its best to discuss this with our Vets early in their first 3-4 months of age.

Basic cost of Neutering depend on species, male or female and pet’s weight. Be aware the cost of neutering varies very little between Clinics (only €5-10 in most cases) so its probably best to decide based on how surgery will be carried out and options offered to ensure best of care and recovery for your pet.

  • Male Cats  €69 + meds
  • Female Cats  €89 + meds.
  • Male Rabbit €99 + meds
  • Female Rabbit €199 + meds
  • Male Small Dog (<10Kg) €85 + meds.
  • Female Small Dog (<10Kg) €160 + meds.
  • Male Medium Dogs (10-25Kg) €95 + meds.
  • Female Medium Dogs (10-25Kg) €180 + meds.
  • Male Large Dogs (25-40Kg) €125 + meds.
  • Female Large Dogs (25-40Kg) €195 + meds.
  • Giant Breed Dogs over 40Kg, please call for an estimate as Meds will be determined by actual weight.
  • Please note your pet may also need a Cone collar €10, unless you already have one.
  • Pain Meds for a few days costing between €15-€40 again depending on weight.
  • We would also recommend a Blood Test before surgery and giving Fluids (“drip”) during surgery. These are optional extras to ensure best care of your pet and you can discuss these when we next see you or on day of the surgery.

Aftercare. You will be back to see us 3 and 10 days afterwards for a Post Surgery Check to see alls well. There are usually no stitches to remove*, so no stress for you or your pet. These aftercare services are Free, so bear that in mind when making your choice!

*Very rarely stitches may be needed in the interest of better outcome for your pet.