Cat Vaccinations

Cat Vaccinations are very important, as the illnesses they protect against are common, not nice for cats and can be prevented!

Your cat will be checked over first and then if appropriate given vaccinations best suited to your pets lifestyle and environment. You get a Cat Vaccination Booklet, signed by Registered Vet, bearing an official Clinic Stamp.

Kittens should get their initial cat vaccination shots for CalicivirusFeline Herpes and Panleucopenia virus from 8-10 weeks old, followed by a booster vaccination 4 weeks later.

Other vaccines may include the Feline Leukemia virus, but a blood test for this virus is recommended before the cat vaccination.

Animals that travel abroad need to have their Annual Rabies Booster vaccination. Talk to us today about your pet’s vaccination status.

For more information go to our Pet Passport page.

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