What’s an Emergency?

If your Pet has been in a car accident, if you suspect they ate something unusual, sharp or not, if you suspect poison, then call us immediately, don’t delay, every minute counts!

Male Cats not peeing is an emergency, in to us immediately, don’t delay!

Vomiting AND Diarrhea together, in immediately, don’t delay!

Diarrhea, not going to the toilet as usual, change in mood or not eating for 2-3 days means its time for a visit, don’t delay longer. Don’t wait until the evening or weekend!

Fights with other Cats or Dogs, limping or bleeding for unknown reason don’t wait as infections or other injuries usually get worse without treatment.

If your Pet is showing any signs like these don’t wait 3 days or until 9pm or 1am to call, come in during normal opening hours. The earlier we identify whats going on the better. Open Monday to Saturday. Late opening Thursdays until 7pm.

Outside normal Opening Hours your call will by answered by our Emergency Service 24/7.

Do NOT give any human medication to Pets, it can make things worse, cause organ damage or worse!