Vaccinations are very important and essential for preventive health care of your pet. They protect against several infectious diseases, which can make your pet very sick or may even be fatal in some cases.

Puppies, Kittens and Rabbits get their first vaccinations at approximately 6 weeks of age, some may have received some of them by the time you get your new pet. Its still a good idea to have a Vet review what has been done, check is there anything missing and advise you on what vaccinations might still be due and when. Book Free Kitten Check, Free Puppy Check or Free Bunny Check for us to review them and discuss what further vaccinations might be needed.

Annual vaccinations ensure continuation of protection of your pet against common infectious diseases. There are a number of different vaccination protocols. Please contact the clinic to discuss which vaccinations are necessary or which protocol best suites your pet.

For more information on the diseases vaccinations prevent against, click the links below.

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